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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Back Posture Brace

back brace posture

Grandma Pat and Aunt Betty are at it again. “Stand up straight!” says Grandma. “Don’t slouch – you look like a monkey,” Aunt Betty chimes in. Okay, okay – if it’s not Pat and Betty, it’s your doctor, your girlfriend, or that girl on the morning news. Everyone is talking about your bad posture and you’re getting tired of it. Time to make a change! You puff out your chest, hold your head up high, and walk into your new life of good posture. Oh, how the girls will come running. Ten minutes later, you look like a ninety year old turtle again, your neck awkwardly protruding from your turtle shell torso. It’s hard to consistently maintain good posture – that’s where a back posture brace comes in. Here are 5 tips for choosing the perfect back posture brace.

Get Medical Advice

This is the most important and most often skipped step. Go to the doctor and have him prescribe you a type of brace that will best help your spine. Not all back posture braces are made equally and they won’t all fit your spine or help your posture. There’s a brace out there that is specifically made to help your unique posture issues and will help teach your muscles their new positions so that you can maintain that posture even when the brace isn’t on.

Consider Comfort

Have you ever tied a swimsuit just a little bit too tight – to the point where you think the drawstring might just rub through to your bone? Sun dried tomato skin – ouch. By nature, back posture braces need to be secured tightly so make sure you get straps that aren’t going to run into your skin like that. Look for thick or padded straps instead of thin, drawstring-like straps. Comfort will breed consistency. You can also wear a t-shirt under your posture brace for added padding.


So you’ve been to see your doctor and he’s recommended some braces for you – all of which have thick padded straps of course. You’re primed for posture perfection. Well, almost. Be careful with the fabric you choose. First, pick a fabric that won’t irritate your skin. Also, make sure to pick a fabric that will be comfortable in all seasons. Some of the cheaper braces are made of fabric that will only make you hot and uncomfortable in summer. And it’ll be easier for you to conveniently “forget” to wear it.

There you have it – 3 top tips to consider when buying your back posture brace. If you follow them, you’ll have a brace that is meant to fix your specific posture issues and a brace that is comfortable so you’ll wear it every day. In fact, your brace will be so comfortable and awesome, you may want to wear it all day – don’t do that. Make sure to ask your doctor for a prescribed posture brace schedule so you don’t overuse it. Now, go out and get that brace.

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